Stop. Look. And. Listen.

Good God.

Have you seen the state of the world today?


Exactly, Macaulay, exactly.

What in good grief is going on? Let us take a good few moments here to:






It is simply too easy to ignore absolutely everything that is going on around you. Please don’t bury your head in the digital sand.


We are living in a wonderful time of shared media and culture. Never before have we had so much in common with each other, but shouldn’t we be taking advantage of these newfound similarities and taking action, rather than discussing the last big Netflix series?


I guess it might be a little hard to force every single person out of there little bubbles. Humans are, after all, wonderfully crude creatures of habit. All our lives are split up into blocks of repeated actions that rarely feel novel or different.


We sit and watch the screens. The lovely screens that can help us peer into a universe of limitless possibilities. The black mirrors we all hold in our pockets, hang on our walls like art and praise above all else. Our children use them to bully, flirt and buy drugs. We use them to share other people’s opinions and look at holiday photos.